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An ongoing clinical trial evaluating the efficacy of various interventions on patients with prior CABGs
Primary endpoints MACE
Conclusion Accumulating data from the SAVED trials have indicated a superiority of stent placement over coronary angioplasty


Cardiology An ongoing clinical trial–Saphenous Vein De Novo evaluating the efficacy of various interventions on Pts with prior CABGs. See Coronary angioplasty.

Patient discussion about SAVED

Q. Save my husband. My husband was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder in 2001 but in 2003 traumatic events happened in our life due to a house fire, my husband was manic round the clock to the point where he was going to do harm to himself or someone else. I begged his doctor to institutionalize him to regulate his meds and to help him to deal with the traumatic thing that happened to us. But my doctor refused saying he couldn't do it against his will. No one would listen to my begging. Please help my husband. My husband ended up doing something that caused him to be in prison today, still not getting help. Is there anything I can do to help my husband to go to a place that will help him rather than making his mental state worse?

A. Take him to your local emergency room. tell the treage nurse you need to talk to a crisis worker. Go in with him and talk to the crisis worker about the things he has been doing and that he has bipolar disorder. Explain that he IS a danger to himself and others. They will probalbly want to speak with him alone but that is the best way to get him the help he needs. See if they can refer him to a mood disorder clinic to help him in the long run.
Stay strong and try to help him get the help he needs... Protect yourself in the meantime.

Q. Can this treatment save my brother? my brother is bipolar and is in a dangerous mania level. He is in hospital from last fortnight and on regular checkup and medicines of all sort, and nothing is benefiting him…….this seems serious to me and doctor has told that he will try with ECT soon. What kind of medicine is this? Can this treatment save my brother?

A. I agree with the others, ETC can be very helpful it is not however a perminant solution. It will bring his symptoms into a balance for a while and hopefully in that time they will be able to find a combination of medications that will help him in the long run. ETC has come a long way in the past 20-30 years and is not the tramatic event that it used to be. I would allow them to go ahead with this treatment so they can balance his moods long enough to find the right combination of medications to help him.

Q. Please help me to save my best friend. My best friend who is 30 yrs was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder several years ago. She was immediately put on medication, but I didn't see a major change in her personality for a long time. About 2 months ago she started a new medication, soon after I noticed that her personality was different. She calls me rarely and seems to have lost her sense of humor. She is a shadow of her former self. I want to support her, but I am hurt that I can't seem to connect with her anymore. Our conversations are strained and she seems very annoyed with me, overall as though she wishes I would just "go away". Any advice or thoughts on this are much appreciated. So please understand!

A. This definitely happens with medicines. Recommend her to talk to her doctor about taking something else. I'm sure she doesn't like being a shadow of herself. I know from experience about how that feels. When people are depressed, or over medicated they don't want to talk to anyone. In my case I just want to be left alone and watch TV in those circumstances. Definitely talk to her about different medicines. It's easy to ask questions or doubts in this iMedix site to get suggestions from experienced people. The doctors are experts, but they were never able to give me any meds that worked, and they don't know what they're talking about. I like my doctor though because he works with me and doesn't treat me like I'm a lab rat. Good luck with your friend. I truly hope that she can change her medicines and snap out of this personality change.

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