Schistosoma mansoni

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 [shis″-, skis″to-so´mah]
a genus of trematodes, including several species parasitic in the blood of humans and domestic animals. The organisms are called schistosomes or blood flukes. Larvae (cercariae) enter the body of the host by way of the digestive tract, or through the skin from contact with contaminated water, and migrate in the blood to small blood vessels of organs of the intestinal or urinary tract; they attach themselves to the blood vessel walls and mature and reproduce. The intermediate hosts are snails of various species.
The life cycle of Schistosoma. From Mahon and Manuselis, 2000.
Schistosoma haemato´bium a species endemic in North, Central, and West Africa and the Middle East; the organisms are found in the venules of the urinary bladder wall, and eggs may be isolated from the urine.
Schistosoma japo´nicum a species geographically confined to China, Japan, and nearby countries; found chiefly in the venules of the intestine.
Schistosoma manso´ni a species widely distributed in Africa and parts of South America; the organisms are found in the host's mesenteric veins, and eggs may be found in the feces.

Schis·to·so·ma man·so·ni

a common species of trematode characterized by large eggs with a strong lateral spine and transmitted by planorbid snails of the genus Biomphalaria; causes schistosomiasis mansoni in humans in Africa, parts of the Middle East, South America, and certain Caribbean islands.

Schis·to·so·ma man·so·ni

(skis'tō-sō'mă man-sō'nī)
A common species of trematodes characterized by large eggs with a strong lateral spine and transmitted by planorbid snails of the genus Biomphalaria; causes schistosomiasis mansoni.


Sir Patrick, English authority on tropical medicine, 1844-1922.
Schistosoma mansoni - a disease-causing parasite transmitted by snails.
Mansonella - a genus of filaria, widely distributed in tropical Africa and South America.
Mansonia - a genus of brown or black medium-sized mosquitoes.
Manson disease - Synonym(s): Schistosoma mansoni
Manson eye worm - a widely distributed spiruroid nematode parasite of fowl. Synonym(s): Oxyspirura mansoni
Manson pyosis - obsolete term for a superficial pyogenic infection. Synonym(s): pemphigus contagiosus
Manson schistosomiasis - Synonym(s): schistosomiasis mansoni
Manson syndrome - pulmonary obliterative arteriolitis.
Oxyspirura mansoni - Synonym(s): Manson eye worm
schistosomiasis mansoni - infection with Schistosoma mansoni. Synonym(s): intestinal schistosomiasis; Manson disease; Manson schistosomiasis
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All serum samples were tested in parallel in a laboratory in Florence, Italy, by using 2 Western blots (WBs): a Schistosoma WB IgG kit containing antigens from adult S.
Arachidonic acid has been reported to kill juvenile and adult schistosomes in vitro and to reduce worm burdens by 50% to 78% in mice and hamsters infected with S.
Three major Schistosoma species can infect humans: Schistosoma haematobium (endemic in Africa and the eastern Mediterranean), S.
9 (mean [+ or -] SO)] Male: 1:1 1:1 1:1 female ratio Malaria 20/109(18%) 24/90 (27%) 44/199 (22%) prevalence S.
The snails were then removed from the aquarium, the cercarial suspension was gently mixed and one hundred microliter of the suspension were [+ or -] 10 S.
The current investigation revealed that liver fibrosis in response to S.
Our previous studies have indicated a direct association between severe hepatic fibrosis and low levels of circulating somatostatin levels in S.
Most cases of hepatosplenic schistosomiasis are caused by S.
Fragments from different sites in the small intestine were removed and used to evaluate the development and maturation of the S.
Data from annual reports of the Sudan Medical service in 1939-1949 and from other published or unpublished sources indicated that S.