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Antonio, Italian physician, 1832-1919. See: Riga-Fede disease.
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NASDAQ Baltijos saliu vertybiniu popieriu birza) OMX OMX OMX Vilnius Ryga Talinas Minimali reiksme 68,55 107,2 121,55 Maksimali reiksme 569,04 747,36 996,86 Table 2.
Encouraged and supported by the funding and validation accorded minority writing under official federal multiculturalism, Ukrainian-Canadian writers George Ryga, Maara Haas, Andrew Suknaski, and Myrna Kostash rose in prominence.
Doyle draws attention to the continuing productivity and influence of Livesay, Acorn, and Ryga and the appearance of a number of semi-autobiographical novels by veterans such as Oscar Ryan and Dyson Carter.
Cargo turnover in Baltic ports (data of 2007) Miestas Gyventoju Miesto Uosto Krantiniu skaicius plotas, km plotas, ha Ilgis, km Orhusas 237 91 227 13,50 (DK) 551 Gdanskas 457 262 653 21,20 (PL) 630 Gdyne 252 136 492 17,70 (PL) 443 Klaipeda 183 98 497 27,02 828 Kopenhaga 509 88 72 200 (DK)/ 699 Malme 258 (S) 020 Helsinkis 574 186 328 8,90 (FI) 579 Hamina 216 2,98 (FI) Goteborgas 500 198 360 20,00 (S) 085 Ryga 717 303 1962 13,82 (LV) 371 Talinas 404 159 747 13,81 (E) 005 Miestas Aptarnauta Kroviniu Kroviniu kroviniu, kiekis, tukst.
From Illia Kiriak's Sons of the Soil(10) to Fran Ponomarenko's Parcel from Chicken Street, (11) through the works of Ted Galay, (12) George Ryga, (13) Andrew Suknaski,(14) Vera Lysenko, (15) and including non-Ukrainians such as Margaret Laurence (16) or Gabrielle Roy, (17) Canadian literature focused on problems of Ukrainian identity has traditionally concentrated on culture not politics, geography not history and Canada not Ukraine.
Kinsella, playwright George Ryga and actor Michael Zenon, who is no doubt familiar to millions of older Canadians as Joe Two Rivers from the ancient television series, The Forest Rangers.
RyGA (CyHAN)- Raimonds Vejonis was sworn into office as the 9th President of the Republic of Latvia in a solemn ceremony on Wednesday.
Grey Owl) has to be mentioned; George Ryga ought to be; Canadians get an 11-page section; while (interestingly) editor Wiget racks up 11 entries in the index -- the book is in many ways a massive work of scholarship.
RyGA (CyHAN)- Voting in Latvia's presidential election got under way in parliament on Wednesday, with none of the four candidates appearing to be a clear leader in the race.
Pirmiausia, Vilnius kaip ir Ryga bei kiti posovietines erdves didmiesciai islaiko santykiskai didele viesojo susisiekimo keleiviu dali, kuri yra beveik dvigubai didesne nei kai kuriuose kituose panasaus dydzio Europos miestuose.
He starred in a Gemini Award nominated role in The Diviners, the CBC TV movie Medicine River, for which he received a best supporting actor award at the San Francisco Native Film Festival, and the stage plays The Ecstasy of Rita Joe by George Ryga and Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing by Tomson Highway.