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A disaccharide of d-glucose and l-rhamnose, and a component of rutin.
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Quercetin and one of its glucosides, quercetin-3-0 rutinose (rutin), are among the most abundant flavonoids in vegetables and fruits (Aherne and O'Brien.
Rutin, a flavonoid composed of flavonol quercetin and disaccharide rutinose, has anti-inflammatory, hypotensive effect.
A cianidina 3-rutinosideo (pico 2) apresentou ion molecular a m/z 595 e dois fragmentos a 287 e 449 u, o primeiro fragmento correspondendo a aglicona cianidina, como resultado da perda de rutinose (308 u), e o fragmento a m/z 449 correspondendo a aglicona cianidina mais uma molecula de hexose, como o resultado da perda de uma desoxi-hexose [[M-146].
Other sugars involved are glucose, rhamnose, xylose, arabinose and the disaccharide rutinose.
5 min was isolated as described above and on acid hydrolysis yielded rhamnose, glucose, rutinose, and quercetin as determined by GC and HPLC co-elution with authentic standards indicating the compound as rutin.