Griffiths, Ruth

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Ruth, English psychologist, 1909–.
Griffiths Mental Development Scale - designed to determine developmental level of infants and children up to age two.
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You can eat just about everything on the pig except possibly the oink," says Ruth Griffiths, category marketing director for Vion's pork business unit, which later this year will launch a major campaign--straplined 'put pork on your fork'--to highlight how versatile pork is.
But UK Uncut demonstrator Ruth Griffiths hit back yesterday: "How can Barclays best serve the economy if they are finding every cut and dodge possible on tax?
Karen Ruth Griffiths, of Carmel and Steven Paul Doleman, of Bagillt were married at St Paul's, Gorsedd Picture: GERRY BLACKFORD
Rick Sawley - playing 'Man One' - picked up the Elma trophy for the best actor while Ruth Griffiths received the Harry Mellor trophy for set designs.
BCM marketing director Ruth Griffiths, who is also marketing controller at Grampian Country Food Group, said BCM working in close co-operation with retailers had been key to the campaign's success.
Grampian meat marketing controller Ruth Griffiths said that the new Grampian brand Primary Plus range targeted the sector between primary meat and ready meal-style.
Marketing controller Ruth Griffiths says these meal solutions will act as a bridge between primary meats and convenience meals.
Ruth Griffiths, marketing controller, claimed there were currently no products in the fixture of real appeal to kids: "They are all aimed at parents to buy for their children.
Ruth Griffiths, marketing controller, said: "This stuffed chicken crown is designed to provide consumers with a convenient meal solution, with little preparation, but with maximum taste delivery.