Russian current

Rus·sian cur·rent

(rŭsh'ăn kŭr'rĕnt)
An electrotherapeutic modality that uses medium frequency (2,000-10,000 Hz) polyphasic alternating current waveforms to strengthen muscles.
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Specification: Output- 4P, 4Pv, 2P, Vector- 4 Types, 45 Degree, 90 Degree Line Ar, 90 Degree Trapozoid, 90 Degree Nonlinear, Medium Frequency - 2 Khz, 4 Khz, 6 Khz, 8 Khz And 10 Khz, Base - 0 -0150 Hz, Spectrum: 1 -100 Hz, Output Display: Separate Display For Ch1 And Ch2 Current Led Indicator For Stimulation To The Patient, Treatment Time: Autocut Off Sfter 15 Minutes, Spectrum Changes: Bar Graph Indicator, Spectrum Programmer: Liner, Trapezoidal, Non Linear, Isolation: Output 100 Percent Isolated, Timer: Digital Timer Preset Table 15 Minutes, Power Supply: Switched Mode Power Supply Smps , 120V To 280Vac, 50/60 Hz, Power Consumption: 20 Watt, Tens Mode, Russian Current, Smps Power Supply, Weight: 4 Kgs Approx.
Al-Amin added that, basing on the previous experiences and after getting informed on the Russian current experience, the ministry would propose confining fields of cooperation in the domains of agricultural engineering besides introduction of a number of projects including assembling and manufacturing of agricultural combines, tractors and the machineries of grain pulling out.
It has an English language news portal providing comment and insight into Russian current affairs and politics.
The Russian current account surplus has been associated with its role as an oil producer.
com/research/28d6c4/review_of_the_russ) has announced the addition of the "Review of the Russian Current Transformers Market" report to their offering.
Table 47: Russian Current and Future Analysis for iPTV by
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