Russian Roulette

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A potentially lethal game of chance in which participants place a single bullet in a revolver’s cylinder, spin it, place the muzzle against their head and pull the trigger
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Having unprotected sex with someone HIV positive is like Russian Roulette.
One theory is that the thermal insulation technician had been playing Russian roulette with the gun, a 1931 Enfield service Gun: Lee Warr.
People have mentioned the word Russian roulette, but there is no way he meant it to happen.
Brown, the 'mind control expert' who caused controversy last year with his Russian Roulette stunt, set out to debunk the idea of seances.
Seance follows on from his just-finished series Trick of the Mind and previous high-profile TV special Russian Roulette.
Before the release of 1997's Grammy-winning Time Out of Mind, fans would regularly hear Bob play Russian Roulette with his back catalogue.
More than three million people tuned in to watch mind control expert Derren Brown pull off his live Russian roulette stunt on TV.
Nuclear-waste shipments amount to "radioactive Russian roulette on our roads and rails," he adds.
It is kind of like playing Russian roulette with your body, and you never know what drugs will be the ones to set you over the edge," says Kathy Watt, executive director of Van Ness Recovery House, a nonprofit GLBT counseling service based in Los Angeles, Calif.
If you don't know where your food comes from, you are playing Russian roulette with your meal," Colby says.
These are good questions and, indeed, much needed in answer to the scoffers who still think that NFP is like Russian roulette, hopelessly ineffective.
This grim sport is not limited to kids, according to Califano, who continued, "Parents who mistake the absence of proof for the proof of absence are playing Russian roulette with their children's lives.
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