Russell, William

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William, Scottish physician, 1852-1940.
Russell bodies - small, discrete hyaline bodies that occur frequently in plasma cells in chronic inflammation. Synonym(s): fuchsin bodies
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In Tom Dardis's customary lucid, engaging style, the life and times of one of America's most influential publishers is set down; since the book is about a publisher, it is of course, at one and the same time, about a marketing genius, a con man, a gambler (literally and metaphorically), and a brilliant editor (along with Albert Boni, Liveright began the Modern Library, as well as published such then unknowns as Eugene O'Neill, Ernest Hemingway, Djuna Barnes, John Reed, Ezra Pound, Leon Trotsky, Sigmund Freud, Bertrand Russell, William Faulkner, among many, many others, and of course Eliot's Waste Land - it was Liveright's complaint about the shortness of the book that led Eliot to create the notes).
Image Maker II contains 18 feature films with a wide range of award-winning actors and directors including Jennifer Aniston, Steve Buscemi, Sean Connery, Richard Dreyfuss, Shelley Duvall, John Goodman, Woody Harrelson, Bob Hoskins, Helen Mirren, Theresa Russell, William Shatner, Martin Sheen, Sharon Stone and Christopher Walken.
Five Years: Scott Watson, All Saints College; Amy Adamson, Benfield; James Henderson, Kevin Edgar, Philip Magee, Chapel Park Middle; Amanda Leathart, English Martyrs RC Primary; Ross Whitenstall, Gosforth Central Middle; Rachel Proctor, Holly Hawthorn, Heaton Major; Hayley Jennings, Michael Kirkup, Kenton Technology; Terry Hepburn NCB; Melanie Ball, Sacred Heart RC High; Jordan Johnson, South Benwell Primary; Aidan Hedley, St Cuthbert's RC High; Jonathan Coates, Jonathan Greenshields, St Mary's RC; Vikki Russell, William Muse, Kayleigh Schofield, Fay Hordon, Joanne Brayson, Walker Technology College; Stacey Crawford, Aminur Ahmed, West Gate Community College;
Kurt Russell, William Baldwin and Robert De Niro star in a thriller with fire sequences which singe the screen.
He has also directed the taut suspense thriller "Ransom," starring Mel Gibson, Rene Russo, Gary Sinise and Delroy Lindo; "Backdraft," set in the world of firefighters and starring Kurt Russell, William Baldwin and Robert DeNiro; the love story "Far and Away," starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, and others.
She is predeceased by 5 brothers, John, Russell, William, Donald and David Britt and 2 sisters, Theresa Bartlett and Hazel Poissant.
SOUTH SHIELDS: Connell, Baxter, Lough, Shaw, Morse, Arca, Nicholson (Storey), Briggs, Finnigan, Mason (Armstrong), Juul (Holmes) Subs: Smith, Richardson RADCLIFFE FC: Keane, Williams, Fallow, Jago, Grogan, Doran, Russell, Williams, Daniels, Hooper, Nicholas Subs: Williams, Wood, Bore, Eckersley, Cham
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