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The science of taming the land to grow crops and raise animals for food, clothing or other products.


the cultivation of the soil for any aspect of farming or horticulture.
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The events like bull, dog, donkey cart, horse races, tippling-pigeon flying, best agriculture and best livestock produce will be contested in rural sector.
About the Manuel Mejia Fundation Manuel Mejia Fundation is the entity of the FNC, responsible of formulate and execute policies, strategies and educations programs for the coffee and rural sector in Colombia.
Egypt received a high score in the subcategory Rural Sector, which lies under the Sustainable Economic Opportunity category in terms of agricultural research, extension services, input, policy costs and produce markets, dialogue between government and rural organisations and policy and the legal framework for rural organisations.
With students learning subjects such as Activity Tourism, Sustainable Building Design, Garden Design and Aquaculture, its commitment to the broader rural sector and focus on sustainable development is clear.
He would also be meeting the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh there and would be visiting the rural side to get a glimpse of rural sector challenges and Kanpur to get a glimpse of urban sector challenges in India.
Rural sector not only provides material, capital and labour but also huge market for the non-agricultural sector.
At sub-category level Namibia's highest rank is in Accountability (4th) and lowest is in Rural Sector (23rd).
The $ 75 million contract with the BCEI will be used to expand the electricity network in the rural sector through the National Program for Sustainable Electrification and Renewable Energy (NPHS) run by the Ministry of Energy and Mines and Enatrel.
He further emphasised the role of Islamic finance in Agriculture and Rural sector, that it can not only bring new avenues for business for Islamic financial institutions by using innovative products but also the farmers and agro based businesses can benefit from Shari'ah-compliant financing to develop their economy and thereby eliminate the poverty and agricultural funding limitations.
Chartered surveyors work across a vast range of disciplines and in every facet of property, primarily construction, housing commercial property and the rural sector.
It said the completion of the road would boost the rural sector of the community.
Securing 3G spectrum in these three markets is a critical element of S Tel's strategy to position itself as a leading company in India's fastest growing rural sector and meet anticipated strong demand for mobile Internet services in the next few years.

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