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Delayed part of the angiographic examination of a vascular bed, to show small artery patency.
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Early voting for the primary runoffs will take place from May 14 through May 18.
Besides those runoffs, voters will be casting merit retention votes for three Supreme Court justices and 17 district court of appeal judges.
With citywide runoffs costing the city more than $3 million, IRV will save millions of tax dollars.
That's why they voted by a 59-41 percent margin in 1996 for Proposition 198, creating this state's short-lived ``blanket primary,'' in which candidates of all parties were listed together and the top vote-getters in each party made the November general election runoff.
1989; Gray and deMonsabert 1983; Hailey and McGill 1983; Hjelmfelt 1980; Osborn and Renard 1983; and Ritter and Gardner 1991), it is a widely used and accepted technique for estimating runoff from precipitation.
For the data covering 1970-86, runoffs were required in about 10% of the races.
Kevin Roberts, R-Houston, will head to a runoff with retired Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw.
today as voters pass judgment on nearly $1 billion in new borrowing by the Los Angeles Community College District and four runoff elections.
In San Leandro, opponents of runoffs have reason to be wary of the downsides of two-round runoff elections.
Measured and calculated runoffs are very close in total amount and discharge.