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forward motion characterized by both feet being simultaneously off the ground surface at a point during the gait cycle (contrast with walking, where one of the feet is always in contact throughout the gait cycle); during running the lower limb adopts a more varus position, the centre of gravity follows a more vertical path, there is greater lower-limb/foot deceleration, and a need for greater shock absorption and propulsive forces than for walking Table 1
Table 1: Comparison of gait during walking and running
WalkingSlow runningFast running
Contact phase (60%)
  • Heel contact

  • Midstance (flat foot)

  • Propulsion (toe off)

Shorter contact phase (50%)Short contact phase (40%)
5 cm base of gait (intermalleolar distance)>5 cm base of gait
Short swing phase (40%)Longer swing phase (70%)Long swing phase (80%)
Short period of double support (10%)40% of cycle without support (= airborne phase)60% of cycle without support (= airborne phase)
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Run Faster Method is the guide for the runners and athletes who want to improve their running speed.
The researchers controlled for body size and evolutionary relationships, and found that the relationship between eye diameter and maximum running speed is stronger than the relationship between body mass and running speed.
Related to the second research question, we used a mixed models regression analysis blocking on subjects, with the running speed at the corresponding mile marker as a covariate, to examine a potential interaction between average speed (across the entire marathon) and between kilometres 8 and 40 changes for the kinematic dependent variables in a non-normalized form.
Many runners are adverse to the idea of dropping mileage and replacing the lost miles with explosive strength training, but this new research reveals that such a strategy can significantly improve maximal running speed and leg muscle power, without any loss in maximal aerobic capacity.
In 2009 he was 44 minutes slower (-47%) and his running speed over 10 km decreased from 14.
The correlation of the variable of the number of sprint runs and the variable of maximum running speed (r=0,76) as well as the correlation of the variable of average maximum oxygen intake and covered distance in sprint run (r=0,61) indicate that players with better functional abilities are capable of doing more sprint runs.
Tucker said: "Those two are almost head and shoulders above the rest at the moment in their running speed and ability.
JR train drivers were instructed to rein in the running speed of the train if the nearby wind gauge logs 90 kph or above, but the gauge recorded a maximum wind speed of only 43.
The only way to get your match confidence up to any sort of running speed is to win.
Lab tests have shown that the system signals false positives only 1 percent of the time, so researchers will now work toward increasing its running speed.
A mathematical model will be used to demonstrate the interactive effects of body mass, body composition, running speed, and weather on sweating rate and sweat electrolyte losses; to consider the impact of carbohydrate and electrolyte replacement; and to evaluate the adequacy of newly proposed fluid replacement recommendations for sustaining appropriate hydration during marathon competition.
Hydraulically driven swing-out fan with a reversing feature conserves fuel by adjusting the machine's running speed to the system's cooling needs