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Johan W., Finnish physician, 1843-1918. See: Runeberg formula.
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This novel differentiation system is the first commercially available product to support the complete differentiation workflow from hiPS cells to definitive endoderm and further to hepatocytes," said Kristina Runeberg, Site Head and Senior Director, Business Development, at Takara Bio Europe AB.
Technical services in the municipality of Suomussalmi request quotes for maintenance and perussiivouksista Upper-Kainuu hospital, nursing home Runeberg, Nursing Jalon rapids and Disability Center.
In the years 1855-56 and 1865-66, Topelius, who also was a promoter of women's rights, discussed Bremer and her works, such as Hertba, as well as Bremer's ideas and goals for women's emancipation in his correspondence with the poet Runeberg's wife, Fredrika Runeberg (see Konstndrsbrev I, 42-43; 89-93; 110-114), who by profession was a novelist and journalist and had taken great interest in the Woman Question.
He was a charter member of the Soumi Society (which later became affiliated with the Order of Runeberg.
It is important to recognize that Johan Ludvig Runeberg (1804-1877), Elias Lonnrot (1802-1884) and Johan Vilhelm Snellman (1806-1881) started their academic studies in the same year at the University of Helsinki.
He was a member of the Runeberg Mens Chorus in 1938 and performed at the 1939 New York Worlds Fair.
She has received numerous Finnish and Swedish awards for her novels, including the Runeberg Award for her first novel, Underbara kvinnor vid vatten (1994), and Sweden's prestigious August Prize for Den amerikanska flickan (2004).
JORGE LUIS BORGES, who populated many of his most famous works with fictitious Swedes (with names like Runeberg and Lonnrot), and whose interest in the Scandinavian soul was readily apparent, drew attention to the strange predicament of Nordic culture, rich and advanced yet almost unknown to the rest of the world:
A new website about the Finnish national poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg has been launched.
The candidates for the 2004 Finnish Runeberg award, a literature prize, have been revealed.
The Finland-Swedes of the Vancouver area have maintained various cultural and ethnic organizations, the best known being the Order of Runeberg with two lodges in Vancouver (ca.