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A.T., British physician. See: Richards-Rundle syndrome.
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The project was suggested to the Rundles by Dave Darby, Executive Director of the Iowa Division of the Route 6 Tourist Association.
I was fully committed to trying to keep Norton in the Northern League first division," Rundle said.
NEWCASTLE SQUAD: Showering, Gentles, Knox, Tincknell, Fowles/Nakove, Jones, Cochrane, Knowles, Connon, Akinluyi, Rundle, O'Mera, Randle, Clark | The British and Irish Lions board |have appointmented Charlie McEwen as chief operating officer.
By closing Rundle Road we are able to return more than 3000 square metres of land to Rundle Park.
They used to call her 'Ubangi Lips,'" Rundle revealed, referring to African women with lip plates.
Rundle had accused the publishing house of wrongfully dismissing her when her relationship with Davidar soured.
It draws data from open sources such as the US Geological Survey global geoscience data catalog, and uses forecasting methods adapted from peer-reviewed literature by earthquake physicists and OpenHazards co-founders John Rundle and James Holliday.
LUTON 1 ROCHDALE 1 ADAM RUNDLE clinched a point for Rochdale to confirm their place in the play-offs.
Visiting substitute Adam Rundle nearly made an instant impact after coming off the bench, bursting into the are a before drilling a low effort into the palms of Stech, before Le Fondre kept his composure to steer Rundle's accurate cross beyond the reach of Stech in injury time.
I was interested to see Bob Rundle's photograph of The Haymakers, 1950 (Bob Rundle, 'Peter Kennedy: Times Remembered', Folk Music Journal, 9.
Tony Rundle, Suzanne Rundle, Michelle Franks, Stuart Franks; Ball committee: Anthony Rudell, Kay White, Ciaran McIntyre, Dawn Wilkes, James Dickens, Alison Prosser, Hayley Dunn, Mike Hargreaves pictured with The Stylistics; Anthony Rudell, Ricky Roudell, Karen Crossley, Paul Crossley; Michael Woolley, Patric Cassidy; Andrea Balint, Jonathan Latham, Antonia Mariconda; Jo Luscombe, Sue Pantall-Burgess, Yvonne Smith, Dawn Kordan, Jacqui Newbon; Cure Leukaemia Ball helpers
The common periwinkle (Littorina littorea) normally grows a thicker shell when living among predators, says Simon Rundle of the University of Plymouth in England.