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An underage—depending on the age of majority, either 16 or 18—person who has voluntarily left home and chosen to live apart from his/her family
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Mahboob, a Bangladeshi expat, shelters runaways and then sends them onto other employers.
In my experience, and having interviewed hundreds of runaway workers, I know that these runaways face massive hurdles - such as non payment of wages, and other abuse.
Life on the streets is hard as runaways, throwaways, and homeless youth face crime, drug abuse, sexual exploitation, and prostitution, among other concerns.
Only 17 per cent of runaways said they were reported to the police as missing with a further 13 per cent unsure as to what their parents had done.
The report also identifies differences between runaways and non-runaways in terms of demographics and risk factors.
TEXT messages will be used to protect vulnerable young runaways in Scotland.
THE RUNAWAYS Mercury Albums Anthology (Mercury) IT'S difficult to imagine now what an impact the all-girl Runaways had when they first unleashed their teen glam-pop punk in the mid-1970s.
We know by the vintage styling of the two lead actresses that this is 1975, the year the all-girl punk band the Runaways was formed.
Runaways describe a life of violence, exposure to severe drug addiction, recruitment into the sex industry, sleep deprivation, hunger and physical pain.
CHILDREN'S charities say a review of the way in which runaways are dealt with could give a lifeline to the 4,100 who leave home in the North East each year.
TEENAGE runaways are flocking to Liverpool, drawn by the big city lights, a top charity has revealed.