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Theodor, German physician, 1862-1923. See: Rumpel-Leede sign, Rumpel-Leede test, Rumpel-Leede phenomenon.
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Season two concluded with Rumpel deciding to help Emma, Hook, Prince Charming and Snow White search for Henry.
In a public meeting in the town's uninsulated market shed, ratepayers shivered while Mayor Rumpel expanded upon his earlier points: "If the [water commission] bylaw is not endorsed, the work will fall upon the Fire and Water Committee of the Town Council, who have already all they can do.
Although the Miami hotel market benefits from Latin American and Spanish investment, the most significant trade in the market so far in 2011; says Rumpel, is the impending sale by Sunstone Hotel Investors of the 409-room Royal Palm Miami Beach to an undisclosed buyer.
A study by Wells and Leippe, using the same methodology used by Wells, Lindsay, and Ferguson (1978) (129) and Lindsay, Wells, and Rumpel (1981), showed that mock jurors were very sensitive to cross-examination questions about trivial details of the crime, and were less likely to believe witnesses who had been the target of such probing cross-examinations.
There's only a handful of Marriott-owned properties left, and they're looking for the opportunity to divest those as well, to focus on the management side," said Gregory Rumpel, executive vice president at Jones Lang LaSalle, which arranged the Rio property sale.
Nocentini C, Certini G, Knicker H, Francioso O, Rumpel C (2010) Nature and reactivity of charcoal produced and added to soil during wildfire are particle-dependent.
Rumpel tricks Shrek into signing a deal that allows him to experience life again as a regular ogre for a day, in return for giving up a day from his childhood.
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The expansion effort could allow these international chains to make their mark in the region, according to Gregory Rumpel, an executive vice president at Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels.
Misys Risk Vision provides us with a consolidated view of all credit exposures of activities in our trading and investment banking operations," comments Markus Rumpel, Global Credit Officer Financial Institutions from Commerzbank.
Rumpel is one of 84 found cowering and terrified, left to starve surrounded by the bodies of those who had already perished.
With the continued capital improvements expected for the three hotels, Goodman will ensure these world-class assets remain the preeminent hotels in their markets and will form a great foundation for the continued strategy to further develop the properties' real estate component," said Gregory Rumpel, executive vice president, Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels.