Rule of Five

If the patient has five or more support lines—e.g., NG tube, Foley catheter, central line, TPN drip, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO)—then the patient is in critical condition and should be placed in the ICU/ITU
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People have been dying in Balochistan and Karachi everyday but the government never bothers to take steps for protection of innocent people," PLM-N president said adding that "terrorism has been extended from Khyber to Karachi and Quetta but allied government has no value of human life, they are just celebrating their rule of five years".
What with the new rule of five substitutes per game, we really used our bench and everyone was given meaningful time to play, so there were no passengers on the trip.
The famous Lipinski's Rule of Five, for example, uses measures such as a molecular mass cutoff of 500 daltons to evaluate whether a compound might be absorbed and used by the body.
She has nurtured massive corruption in the state, in her rule of five years," he added.
Use the rule of five, says Jack Canfield, co-founder of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.
To create the ideal party menu, adhere to the sisters' Rule of Five formula.
Born in the year the Boer War ended, Mrs Davies has lived under the rule of five monarchs and 19 different Prime Ministers.