Ruland, Cornelia M.

a nursing theorist who, with Shirley M. Moore, developed the Peaceful End of Life Theory, which asserts that nurses are integral to the creation of peaceful end of life care, which includes freedom from suffering, emotional support, closeness to and participation by significant others, and treatment with empathy and respect. The theory was developed from a standard of care created by expert nurses to manage the care of patients with terminal illness.
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The acquisition represents an excellent, cash-flowing infill investment, which will benefit from decreasing supply and increasing demand for well-located, accessible industrial buildings within New York City," said ASB senior vice president Brodie Ruland at the time.
Mas aun, la accion externa de regiones formalmente institucionalizadas ha llevado a la constitucion del interregionalismo (Hanggi, Roloff y Ruland 2006).
Ruland (Marlborough, MA) expanded its line of rigid couplings to include metric sizes with step bores for precision servo driven systems or shaft-to-shaft connections.
La idea de que las instituciones internacionales no resuelven problemas porque se han convertido en ambitos de rivalidad desde la llegada de los paises emergentes a las esferas de decision mundial, como afirma Jurgen Ruland (2015), esta lejos de lo sucedido en todas y cada una de las cumbres del G-206.
However, it is a challenge for clinicians, such as nurses, to support the family and create room for the needs of family caregivers in acute cancer care (Stenberg, Ruland, & Miaskowski, 2010).
the astral body, as Martin Ruland clarifies) in man.
Sin embargo, transcurrida una decada, analistas como Ruland y Bechle (2010: 158) comprueban que los foros interregionales en su mayoria no habian estado a la altura de las expectativas y no habian logrado funcionar como "utilidades multilaterales" (Dent, 2003).
Edited by Mikko Huotari, Jurgen Ruland and Judith Schlehe.
Ruland (16) show that globalization is not uniform, it varies by region and time, and the most powerful developments have occurred in relation to financial markets, environmental hazards, internet and organized crime.
But for teachers and their students, it is hard to see how this type of overview can compete with the more traditionally organized From Puritanism to Postmodernism: A History of American Literature by Richard Ruland and Malcolm Bradbury (1991) or with the more recent A History of American Literature by Richard Gray (2004).
That's why we did this," said Judy Ruland, dean of SVSU's College of Health and Human Services.
According to Heino Ruland of Ruland Research, the size of the writedown revealed that ThyssenKrupp was close to a deal.