Carpet Burn

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Public health Superficial abrasions on the knees, elbows, backsides
Sexology As the phase is commonly used, it refers to injuries acquired during spontaneous recreational sexual activity on the floor or carpet
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She has a Band-Aid on her forehead where she suffered rug burn.
It's like getting a rug burn as you slide across the carpet," says Ebel.
We'd be interested in participating, but you should see the last rug burn we got trying to get a cat toy out from under the couch.
To avoid rug burn, many Bruins will wear neoprene sleeves over their elbows.
When you play with no sleeves, (you can get nasty) rug burn.
Low slide resistance is assured, eliminating rug burns.
In November of 2008, the principal filed a 51A against another teacher at Gates Lane after a 5-year-old autistic child came home with bruises and rug burns, according to Kate Hucknall, that child's mother.
Expandable and easy to assemble with interlocking edges, and offered in a variety of colors and sizes, this cushioned flooring solution is ideal for crawlers and will help protect little ones from potential bumps and bruises caused by hard floors, splinters, rug burns, and cold surfaces.
The "American Idol" host (see: cross-promotion) will ideally conduct idle chitchat on a red carpet, trying to avoid rug burns from those deemed to have some sort of celebrity status and have committed to at least going into the domed facility to potentially watch the game.
horizon, leaving me with my rug burns, two arms, a bingo chit and
WARNING: Consumption of alcohol is the leading cause of inexplicable rug burns on the forehead.
Nothing says romance more than rug burns, right, kids?