Flesch, Rudolf

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Rudolf, Austrian educator, 1911–.
Flesch formula - a method of determining the difficulty of a written passage used in determining patient comprehension of hospital consent forms.
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of Chicago Press 1999) (noting that even appellate judges may be befuddled by the language of the typical insurance contract); Rudolf Flesch, How to Write Plain English, A Book for Lawyers and Consumers 20-22 (Harper & Row 1979) (discussing this phenomenon and concluding by noting that "the longer a sentence, the harder it is to read"); see also n.
Rudolf Flesch, "The Art of Readable Writing (1949).
The Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level has its roots in the Flesch Reading Ease formula developed in 1948 by Rudolf Flesch.
In 1955, Rudolf Flesch (Why Johnny Can't Read) created a national scandal regarding the problem.
This index was originally developed by Rudolf Flesch in a series of publications |1946; 1948; 1949~.