Max, German hygienist and biochemist, 1854-1932. See: Rubner laws of growth, Rubner test.
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Most recently, Riedl, Strauss, Heuer, and Rubner (2015) examine 10 seasons of data from the Bundesliga and confirm the presence of favoritism in the allocation of additional time when one team leads another, when compared to a tie game.
An earlier statement by Rubner Holzbau, a engineered timber construction firm in Europe, reported that 'the wave-shaped, barrel-roofed structure of the new 65,000 sqm building will be created from arched beams made of glulam wood.
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In 1908 Max Rubner observed that longevity of mammals increases with body size and that the rate of metabolism of mammals decreases with increases in body size.
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oligospora, que es un HND formador de redes adhesivas tridimensionales (Watanabe 1937, Haard 1968, De Hoog 1985, Rubner 1996).
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Mudry reaches back to 18th-century France for the work of Laplace and Levoisier (1780) and their guinea-pig-cum-calorimetre, and through 19thcentury Germany, where Max Rubner used the calorie "to denote the amount of heat required to raise one gram of water, one degree centigrade.
The Jewish lawyer Heinrich Rubner declared: 'I own a car of the make Steyr 430, which is 5 years old.