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A regional term for marijuana
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The Rubio attack ad is impugning his patriotism," Cruz told reporters.
The post Eyes on Rubio as Republicans take debate stage in Milwaukee appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Trump has already had success smoking out Rubio, as Bloomberg's Sahil Kapur reported this week:
While most presidential contenders sensibly admit that the Iraq invasion was a mistake in hindsight, Rubio steadfastly insists it was not.
The Times is considered a liberal-leaning newspaper, but I noticed Rubio's campaign disputing only one fact in the 2,300-word story: that the $80,000 fishing boat he bought three years ago was a "luxury" boat, although the maker (Edgewater) uses that word in describing the model Rubio bought.
While our people and economy are pushing the boundaries of the 21st century, too many of our leaders and their ideas are stuck in the 20th century,'' Rubio said to applause.
Rubio was signed to a 4-year $55 million contract extension before the season started and the injury is sen as a big blow for a rebuilding team like the Timberwolves both in the short term and long term.
In an interview with Time Magazine last month, Rubio said his conversation with Bush regarding immigration reform while the former governor was writing the book amounted to a text message.
The first restaurant was opened in 1983 in San Diego by Ralph Rubio and his father, Ray, who started the fish taco phenomenon that spread across the nation.
The State Department agreed to make changes that will require applicants to show how their itineraries constitute purposeful travel that would support civil society in Cuba and help promote their independence from Cuban authorities, Rubio said.
A son of Cuban exiles, Rubio is the first Cuban-American speaker in Florida's history.
Showing that a method is able to detect donors at risk for malaria, as done by Benito and Rubio (3), is insufficient.