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Jack H., U.S. child psychiatrist and pediatrician, *1925. See: Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome.
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Carlos Rubinstein brought a wealth of experience and knowledge in water issues and a good sense of balance to his tenure as chairman of the Texas Water Development Board," Kramer said.
Mason Klein, the museum's curator who organized "Helena Rubinstein: Beauty is Power,'' said recently that Rubinstein was the oldest of eight girls.
Rubinstein practices in Bedford, NY providing personalized, high quality care with an emphasis on cosmetic, restorative, and laser assisted dentistry.
Rubinstein previously worked at a major brokerage firm for more than five years, where he was a member of the capital group and the principal investment group.
Magistrates heard that before the offence Rubinstein had no convictions.
Rubinstein also stands apart as the only composer of the group whose family background was Jewish.
Rubinstein joined Palm in 2007 andbecame CEOin 2009 just as the company launched its first phone running a new operating system, webOS.
Rubinstein and her collected samples of sediment from the Rio Capillas, in the Sierras Subandinas in the Central Andean Basin of northwest Argentina.
Steven Michael Rubinstein, 55, was the first former customer of UBS to be sentenced for tax fraud after a protracted legal battle with the bank that ended in August with an agreement to crack open Switzerland's long tradition of bank secrecy.
I expect a similar trend" for the Pre, Rubinstein said.
Rachel Rubinstein has contributed the first significant scholarly book to what will hopefully be a new subgenre of American Jewish studies, namely, Jewish-Native American relations.
BACK IN 1984, WHEN THE MERE MENTION OF AIDS INDUCED panic, Poltergeist actress Zelda Rubinstein did something truly brave by lending her face to one of the first state-funded safe-sex campaigns directed at gay men.