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Jack H., U.S. child psychiatrist and pediatrician, *1925. See: Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome.
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Rubinstein joined the company in August 2009 and, most recently, was instrumental in the acquisition and financing of two Long Island City industrial buildings with a total capitalization of over $200 million.
Rubinstein is a member of the Bars of the State of Florida and the State of New York, and is admitted to practice before the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida.
While "Grey Gardens" was the story of American privilege and a descent into kooky decay, "War Paint" depicts a pair of social-climbing immigrants (Arden was from Canada, Rubinstein from Poland).
Les USA vont continuer a soutenir les efforts de la Tunisie sur la voie des reformes", a encore declare Rubinstein.
In her work and her life, Rubinstein demonstrated how "the modern woman could and should curate herself" (18-19).
In an email Tuesday to water development board staff, Rubinstein said he has no immediate plans for the future other than spending time with family.
The White House said Rubinstein would leave his position, which he had served since March 2014, when the US administration appoints a new envoy for Syria.
Born Icek Jakub Rubinsztejn in 1920, Rubinstein was one of five children.
Add a lovely centerfold of black and white photos of Rubinstein and her product line and you have a discussion that reads with the passion of fiction, but packs in plenty of details not just about Rubinstein's life, but her times and the overall course of the beauty industry in general and cosmetics in particular.
Joining Rubinstein on the panel were Christine Blower, general secretary of National Union of Teachers, writer James Meadway, Shirley Ford of the Green Party and general election candidate Cris McCurley, a legal aid campaigner and awardwinning lawyer.
NEW YORK -- Judgmental, autocratic and wholly self-made after fleeing pre-war Poland and the prospect of arranged marriage as a teen, Helena Rubinstein built a cosmetics empire on the notion that beauty is power.
The eldest of eight daughters born to a Jewish couple, Helena Rubinstein (born Chaya Rubinstein, December 25, 1870-April 1, 1965), was a Polish-born American business magnate.