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A regional term for marijuana
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13] Mischenko NP, Fedoreyev SA, Glazunov VP, Chernoded GK, Bulgakov VP & Zhuravlev YN (1999) Anthraquinone production by callus cultures of Rubia cordifolia.
Rubia would like to see more studies that compare the physiological and clinical effects of different meditation techniques.
All of just 13 years, Rubia was forcibly married to one of the militants who had kidnapped her.
4]), malachite (basic copper carbonate), orpiment (arsenic trisulfide), charcoal, and red madder (from the root of the plant Rubia tinctorum).
Principled politicians such as Oginga Odinga, Bildad Kagia, Kenneth Matiba, Charles Rubia, to name just a few, quit government instead of burying their heads in the sand, the Kibaki way.
I was introduced to Jose Rubia Barcia, a Spanish poet and essayist in exile since the Spanish Civil War, who had been teaching at UCLA for years.
It's called La noche de la chilena rubia en La Paz, based on a sketch from his trip to Bolivia back in the sixties.
The copula ser combines with individual-level predicates (ILPs), which express (more or less) permanent or essential properties, such as rubia 'blond' in (1a); while estar combines with stage-level predicates (SLPs), which, roughly speaking, express temporary or accidental properties, such as cansada 'tired' in (1b).
Merceditas es blanca y rubia, descendiente de alemanes, segun su familia.
From Trilce (1922), by Cesar Vallejo Translation from the Spanish By Clayton Eshleman & Jose Rubia Barcia
Reproduccion de la corvina rubia (Micropogonias furnieri) del sector rioplatense.