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A site where solid non-hazardous municipal waste is disposed
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The job was made more difficult due to the risk methane gas, which has been known to leak into the caves from a nearby rubbish tip.
An early example was Bedfont Lakes, a commercial development built in 1992 on land reclaimed from a 250-acre rubbish tip near Heathrow, Middlesex (AR October 1992).
After this our next entertainment was hunting rats on the nearby rubbish tip with my friend's dog Paddy.
A WORKER at a rubbish tip is in hospital after a cardboard box blew up in his face.
Set on the largest rubbish tip in Rio de Janeiro, Waste Land is not just an environmental eye-opener but an inspirational, get-up-andcreate-some-art kind of movie, too.
PEOPLE were warned to stay indoors as a cloud of acrid smoke from a rubbish tip fire billowed across Harlech last night.
THE discovery on a rubbish tip in Africa of a computer once owned by an NHS trust in our region has rightly alarmed that organisation.
A RUBBISH tip upgrade to encourage people to recycle has finished.
I have seen less litter strewn around a rubbish tip than there was there.
An old rubbish tip and the arboretum of a fine town house are the 'odd couple' in a new alliance on the Welsh coast to create a community woodland.
Yesterday they searched nearby rubbish bins and a local rubbish tip.
County council bosses looking for a site for a giant rubbish tip were warned yesterday to dismiss any idea of putting it in Staffordshire's green belt.