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A site where solid non-hazardous municipal waste is disposed
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Police are continuing to search for 23-year-old Corrie's body at a rubbish tip.
Coun Todd called for residents to take action, adding: 'We've had enough of fly-tippers using where we live as their personal rubbish tip.
Africa is full of tourists pointing at hippos, Everest is a rubbish tip and if you want to go up an Alp you can simply take a chair lift" - Broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson.
Add to this the growing number of households that now only have their rubbish collected once every two weeks and it is clear to see why the countryside is increasingly being used as a rubbish tip.
A LEACHATE plant may be built to treat potentially toxic substances and waste material which leak underground from a closed rubbish tip.
The Victorian doll's head was discovered by Debbie Hall, from Bill Quay, Gateshead, on an old rubbish tip 37 years ago.
We have this rubbish tip facing our front door and back door and we can't get out of our home at all without seeing these banks and the rubbish hidden behind it.
At different times I had four children, two bikes, two Christmas trees and all the junk that gathers over six months in my own personal rubbish tip disguised as a garage.
Prior to its redevelopment, the riverbed had been used as a rubbish tip generating an irregular, undulating topography with changes in level of up to 30m.
His North London house and garden were so filled with junk and rubbish, many people thought it was the local rubbish tip.
They saw children sniffing glue, an eight-year-old trying to rob a passerby at knife point, young girls involved in prostitution, police who harassed and even shot streetchildren, and whole families living in tin shacks on the edge of the city's mountainous rubbish tip.
Workers at a rubbish tip are fighting back after being attacked by savage seagulls and crazy crows.