Sven, 20th-century Swedish veterinarian. See: Rubarth disease virus.
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Christina Rubarth was honoured with the European CIVIS Radio Prize in the "Short Programme" category (under six minutes), for her report "All Summer L ong - Summer camp for Romany children in Berlin" (Deutschlandradio Kultur).
European CIVIS Radio Prize - short programmes under six minutes: "Summer Camp for Romany children in Berlin" (Dradio Kultur) - Christina Rubarth
bTrade is our choice for UCCnet Item Synchronization," said Jack Rubarth, chief information officer of Bell Sports, the helmet and bicycle accessories company.
My favorite quote by a customer", remarks Darryl Rubarth, the founder and president of Exyst, "is: 'this just makes so much sense, are you sure someone else isn't already doing this?
Jack Rubarth, CIO Bell Sports said, "bTrade is our choice for EDI over the Internet and now for UCCnet Item Synchronization.