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Arturo B., 20th-century Philippine internist. See: Rotor syndrome.
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The 51mm diameter rotor provides 36mm of clearance between the scraping blade and the rotor's surface; providing 44 percent more annular space for product and enabling free passage for even large pieces of product.
Originally, the rotors of a tangential mixer turned at different speeds within the mixing chamber, mimicking the friction ratio of a two-roll mill.
While we waited for the hand signal to pull chocks and chains, I noticed someone outside the rotor arc pointing at the tail section of the aircraft.
In its 40-some years in the industry, approximately 30 of those years making rotors, Riverside Products has built a strong, recognizable reputation.
The researchers laid down fetuin within the circular groove and coated the rotor with a protein called streptavidin.
The tests comparing the pumping performance of motors with copper and aluminum rotors were decisive in terms of pumping time to fill the tanks and energy consumed in pumping a liter of water.
Unique rotor design uses two solid rotor shafts with inexpensive, replaceable, bolt-on cutting inserts to facilitate maintenance.
We are pursuing additional avenues, but the primary focus is investigating the separation of the tail rotors,'' said lead investigator Wayne Pollack.
As a result of these changes, lightweight rotors run hotter and the brake system cannot absorb and dissipate that heat properly.
In fall 2011, the researchers tested PureForge and OEM Ford Crown Victoria (2007 model) rotors on a brake dynamometer at the center's facility using SAE testing guidelines J2430-FMVSS 135.
The mixer's sides, rotors and drop door can be cooled or heated using a single zone temperature control unit (water temperatures to as low as 7[degrees]C can be achieved via a chiller).
Standard features include hardened cutting chambers, staggered rotors, soundproofed tilt-back hoppers, D2 steel knives, low rpm rotors and low-infeed heights.