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Arthur C.H., English biochemist, 1880-1915. See: Rothera nitroprusside test.
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Kids can open the book at any point to view what is happening at any given time in such diverse places as the Rothera Research Station in Antarctica, Rio de Janero in Brazil, and Montevideo in Uruguay.
Ashton travelled to Rothera Research Station on Adelaide Island to begin the experiment.
The couple, who have been together for 11 years, shared their special occasion with 20 colleagues as they tucked into a champagne breakfast amid 30mph freezing winds at Rothera Research station, 2,000 miles south of the Falkland Islands.
Rothera Research Station Leader Paul Samways, who performed the ceremony, said: "Having spent time with Julie and Tom over the Austral summer and half of the Antarctic winter, I feel amazingly privileged to be able to be part of their story.
MYDDELTON COLLEGE STUDENTS at Myddelton College, Denbighshire, were very fortunate to receive a phone call from the Rothera research station in Antarctica, one of a handful of schools in the UK to have been able to take part.
The funding will also cover the development of projects to support the ships work including construction of a new wharf at the largest British Antarctic facility, Rothera Research Station.
The adventurous duo, who are based at the Rothera Research Station while working for the British Antarctic Survey, then dashed back inside to avoid getting hypothermia in the freezing conditions.
Last year, a survey dive carried out near Rothera Research Station on the Antarctic Peninsula by a team led by David Barnes of the British Antarctic Survey found large areas where no live animals could be found, the first time that this had ever been reported, despite frequent diving in the area.
Flags will also be raised at the Rothera Research Station on the Antarctic Peninsula, and at the Halley VI Research Station on the Brunt Ice Shelf, as well as King Edward Point and Bird Island in South Georgia.
Pictured is the Rothera research station, left, and work is carried out at the Halley station, above
The Police, Alicia Keys and Keith Urban head the lineup at the New Jersey concert, one of eight concerts being staged Saturday across seven continents in addition to special broadcasts from the To-ji Temple in Kyoto and the Rothera Research Station in Antarctica, among other surprises.
Coroner Nick Sanders praised colleagues from the British Antarctic Survey's Rothera Research Station who pulled her from the water and tried in vain for an hour to revive her.