Rosenberg-Chutorian syndrome

Rosenberg-Chutorian syndrome

[rō′zən·berg cho̅o̅·tor′ē·ən]
Etymology: Roger N. Rosenberg, American physician, 20th century; Abe Milton Chutorian, American physician, b. 1929
a rare X-linked hereditary syndrome characterized by optic atrophy, progressive sensorineural hearing loss, and polyneuropathy.


Abe, U.S. physician.
Rosenberg-Chutorian syndrome - see under Rosenberg, Roger N


Roger N., 20th century U.S. physician.
Rosenberg-Chutorian syndrome - characterized by progressive neural hearing loss, optic atrophy, and polyneuropathy that may be accompanied by other neurological disorders.
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Then, due to a rare condition called Rosenberg-Chutorian syndrome, each began to lose much of their hearing and vision, as well as the ability to walk and use their arms.