Rose Window

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Circular pores or fenestrations with wedge-shaped slits covered by a thin diaphragm, located in the capillary walls of endocrine glands—e.g., pancreatic islet cells—which may be seen by electron microscopy and freeze fracturing techniques
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The rose window in Durham Cathedral is such an iconic feature.
The Rose Window in Durham Cathedral is such an iconic feature, it was the first thing I thought of for the artwork.
Part kaleidoscope, part cathedral rose window, with vocal music that is both resolutely secular and curiously spiritual.
The entrance to the church and the rose window above the front door faces the University Hospital Seidman Cancer Center directly across the street.
The uniqueness of the interior, with its huge rose window taking up almost one end of the living space, has made it popular with location scouts and photographers.
Alternatively, help to finish a large-scale paper replica of the magnificent rose window that once graced the priory church.
The chapel housed this altar together with a fine rose window centred with the medallion of the Holy Ghost.
In discussing some of the chapel's historical features, we discovered the Rose Window in the west facade of the building.
The school's beautiful, serene chapel - graced by its signature stained-glass Rose Window - has long been a popular setting for elegant, intimate weddings.
But the colour plate of St Peter, London Docks, with its entirely alien attraction of stumpy arches, bricks jostling white stone and black slate, a towering rood loft theatrical against a glittering rose window, comes to human life with Stevens Curl's narrative of its ritualist incumbent and founder.
The elaborate facade features a large rose window, elaborate cornices, molded brick work, and Central Gable, along with keyhole-shaped windows that accommodate stained glass.
Highlights include the Chapter House with its incredible carvings, the Great East Window and the Rose Window.