Rose Window

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Circular pores or fenestrations with wedge-shaped slits covered by a thin diaphragm, located in the capillary walls of endocrine glands—e.g., pancreatic islet cells—which may be seen by electron microscopy and freeze fracturing techniques
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The Rose Window is an electric honeycomb structure that was little-explored but Niazi managed to capture its formation.
To tie the church into its surrounding context, outside on the plaza a round pattern of light echoes the rose window, creating the illusion that light is coming from inside and spilling on the ground below.
There are two primary designs in Dream Catchers and both are great examples of radiating symmetry: one is reminiscent of the rose windows in Gothic cathedrals; the other is like a spider web.
The front gabled facade is dominated by a compound arched and recessed entry and highlighted by a rose window.
For instance the rose window will be back lit so residents can see it from the street.
We dropped into the cathedral - a magnificent Gothic structure, lit from the beautiful famous Rose Window, and featuring a wrought iron candelabra designed by Gaudi.
We have a giant rose window that rotates and becomes the wheel of fortune," Pimble says.
On a fine day sunlight streams through the circular Rose Window, depicting the symbol of Yorkshire.
One of the adjoining studios retains its original rose window and lofty vault, giving it the character of a deconsecrated chapel, and a new rehearsal space was created on what was formerly a covered roof terrace, employing curved glu-lam beams and an opening to pull in natural light.
Its moon rose window transforms the scene with light reflected from the sun.
This classic Episcopalian cathedral has an exquisite rose window high above its front doors.
The simple rectangular space then comes alive with the same spirit-light that pours through the Rose Window at Chartres, with similar effect on the mind of the beholder.