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Hermann, Swiss psychiatrist, 1884-1922. See: Rorschach test.
A widely use projective personality test in which 10 vertically symmetrical ink blots are presented to a person or patient to evaluate what they ‘see’ in the ‘picture’
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Villemor-Amaral and Primi (2009) clarify that, in the Comprehensive System (CS) coding for the Rorschach method, also used for the Zulliger test, responses whose codes are in collaborative movement are coded as COP and represent the positive quality perceived in the relational bonds.
El objetivo del presente articulo es, por lo tanto, investigar si el Rorschach puede ser un instrumento de utilidad en este nuevo escenario cientifico mundial.
Rorschach training: Doctoral students' experiences and preferences.
At the same time, this study intends to use the Rorschach test as a tool to discover the experiences caused by a damaged body image in female patients suffering from cancer.
Through their individual agency, Rorschach and Webber express their repulsion and disgust regarding the societies they inhabit and, in doing so, advocate for a morally responsible or, at least, a morally aware collective.
The report added that Rorschach died at the age of 37, less than a year after writing the ground-breaking work, killed by peritonitis brought on by a ruptured appendix.
The results of CAT-A were correlated with Human Figure Drawing (HFD) and the Rorschach Method.
In this context Rorschach Curtain could be seen as representing the equally import tradition of ceramics as tessarae, tiles, or other architectural ornaments, its small biomorphic elements suggesting in particular the rocaille of 18th century European salons.
Elas revisaram teoricamente os indices do Metodo de Rorschach contraindicados para a concessao do porte de arma de fogo.
Um estudo previo procurou avaliar as caracteristicas psicologicas de 30 pacientes submetidos a cirurgia bariatrica atraves do Teste de Rorschach em tres momentos: antes da cirurgia, tres meses depois, e 10 meses apos o procedimento cirurgico.
Haley admits that he "almost drove myself psychotic" preparing to play Rorschach and that playing such a flawed character has changed his outlook forever.
Set just before the action of the graphic novel and movie, Watchmen: The End Is Nigh follows masked anti-heroes Nite Owl and the brilliant Rorschach on their search for an abducted girl as they head towards the inevitable downfall of masked vigilantes.