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This root server will not only benefit the Bahrain Internet community, but also Internet communities in the surrounding region, in terms of faster domain resolution and increased resilience within the region.
There are 13 "root" DNS servers, identified by the letters A through M — the "L" root server operated by ICANNbeing one.
The Internet's DNS root server system is crucial to maintaining one global Internet.
All a customer needs is a TCP/IP Internet connection, such as a GPRS wireless network connection, to enable the data flow between the terminals and the AssistNow Root Server providing the data.
The process starts by the recursor asking one of these root servers - for example, the server with the IP address "198.
But some in the community say these statements are not technically accurate, and furthermore, that the non-profit community is doing as much if not more than VeriSign to bring stability and redundancy to the root server system to prevent future attacks.
But while there was a little minor disruption for some Internet Service Providers, the root server system remained operational.
Create a nonprofit controlled by a consortium of TLD registries and root server operators to run the DNSA.
Additionally, NeuStar will operate the master DNS root server and provide updates to GRX (GPRS Roaming Exchange) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) providers, allowing mobile operators to access updated DNS routing information.
However, Ted Julian, co-founder of Arbor Networks, a Massachusetts based company which sells software and security appliances saw the root server attack as 'just another reminder that distributed denial of service attacks remain, arguably, the number one threat we face on the Internet.
AlShirawi continues, "Establishing a root server in Bahrain makes this country part of the global Internet's critical infrastructure.
With the joint offering, customers' Web servers are protected on both the front- and back-end with secure access for the root server and the traffic it delivers.