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Sir Ronald, English physician and Nobel laureate, 1857-1932.
Ross cycle - the life cycle of the malaria parasite.
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PROUD: David Ross, grandson of 1902 Nobel Prize winner Ronald Ross, opens Liverpool University's new PS23m research facility at the Institute of Infection and Global Health
The General Manager for Canada, Ronald Ross, brings 20 years of professional accomplishment in the information technology sector, including having founded JETNET, Inc.
Afflalo's job was to contain Red Raiders leading scorer Ronald Ross, who was averaging 17 points per game.
Our relationship with MOSAID is a great example of the value proposition that JetNet provides our customers," said Ronald Ross President and CEO of JetNet.
work at different locations of SDLD, Ronald Ross, Maternity & Gynae, CTVS Building and NER OPD within the SSKM Hospital campus under S.
Belle, mother of Kingussie shinty legend Ronald Ross MBE and daughter of Minto Sellar, passed away this week and both sides of the divide will be united in memory.
And legend Ronald Ross equalised with a trademark snapshot in 78 minutes.
SIR RONALD ROSS left a Liverpool legacy to be proud of.
Ross: A big matchup will be UCLA freshman guard Arron Afflalo defending Texas Tech's leading scorer, Ronald Ross.
Shinty's greatest goalscorer, Ronald Ross, claimed a hat-trick, taking his tally to 92 for the season.
n Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine's Sir Ronald Ross discovered in 1902 that malaria was transmitted by a mosquito, winning the Nobel Prize for Medicine.