Belsey, Ronald

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Ronald, 20th century English surgeon.
Belsey antireflux operation
Belsey esophagoplasty
Belsey herniorrhaphy
Belsey hiatal hernia repair
Belsey Mark II fundoplication
Belsey Mark IV operation - a transthoracic antireflux procedure.
Belsey Mark IV procedure - a transthoracic hiatal hernia repair that restores the lower esophageal sphincter zone to the high pressure region below the diaphragm.
Belsey Mark V procedure - a modified Belsey Mark IV procedure.
Belsey perfusor
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Ronald Belsey, who employed the same technique for segmental resection as well.
Ronald Belsey, world-renowned thoracic surgeon and frequent visiting consultant to Baylor University Hospital (Figure 2).
Dr Corner saw her through two years of tests and examinations before surgeon Ronald Belsey operated on her in 1965.