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Romberg was head of product development for Primestreet.
When Romberg sticks to making abstract paintings, however, he achieves a dramatic intensity and moody power that is as emotionally resonant and intellectually complex as an old-master painting.
I have heard this term employed jokingly in reference to self or others--with some of the pride and empowerment that Romberg describes as common, in some social circles, in Puerto Rico.
Parry Romberg syndrome with migraine and intracranial aneurysm.
Traditional static posturography is based on Romberg test, which means that two exams are executed--with eyes open and then with eyes closed.
Alan Romberg, an analyst with the Henry L Stimson Center think tank, told Reuters Obama's moves were partly to punish the North for the Cheonan sinking and partly to pressure Pyongyang to engage seriously on denuclearisation.
A It was written by Sigmund Romberg and Oscar Hammerstein II and featured in two movies - The Night Is Young (1934, sung by Evelyn Lane) and Deep In My Heart (1954, sung by Jose Ferrer).
Romberg, PhD, Give an Hour puts servicemembers and their families in touch with licensed mental health counselors, who agree to provide one hour per week of mental health support or treatment at no charge, for a minimum of one year.
Barbara Van Dahlen Romberg, the founder and president.
Val Romberg hails from the United States and is a senior vice president at CSL Behring in Berne.
He performed the regular Romberg test with some difficulty, and he was unable to perform the sharpened Romberg test with either foot forward.