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C., 20th-century Italian physician. See: Romano-Ward syndrome.
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The Romanos resort is a component of a 130-hectare beachfront development called Navarino Dunes, in Costa Navarino, which will also include a signature golf course, a 4,000sqm spa, a number of restaurants, lounge areas, retail and entertainment options.
The Romanos adds yet another jewel to The Luxury Collection's Greek portfolio for global explorers to enjoy.
Martens and Restoration Hardware Baby & Child to our properties," said Joseph Romano, Principal of the Joseph Romano Co.
The Promenade has not been immune to the challenging times, but the Romano's proactive, strategic approach has certainly produced some great news for the commercial real estate market in Santa Monica," said Michael Lushing, real estate consultant for the Joseph Romano Co.
I believe that you do things for a reason, and that there are three reasons why people do things and why I do them," Romano says.
If there are other communities that want to replicate this, they are welcome to come and see how we do it," Romano says.
The stent has benefited millions around the world--including Romano.
On (2): Romano does not present a single argument of Rand's in eight pages of discussion about her.
On (3): Since he presents none of Rand's arguments, Romano naturally makes no counter-arguments against them, though his disdain for Rand is clear.
On (4): Romano mentions works about Rand written by a journalist, an English professor, a political scientist, and a pair of high-school teachers, but none of the many books published on Rand by professional philosophers, for example, Tara Smith, Allan Gotthelf, Leonard Peikoff, Tibor Machan, Douglas Rasmussen, Douglas Den Uyl, David Kelley, and Harry Binswanger.
Everybody does love Ray Romano," said Rick Richter, "especially here at Simon & Schuster.
When my brothers and I weren't fighting with each other, we had a lot of fun growing up," explained Ray Romano.