Alexander, Austrian physiologist, 1834-1903. See: Rollet stroma, Ritter-Rollet phenomenon.
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Farmers are at the bottom of the chain, and they're not getting any richer, thus they don't see a future in cocoa," says Edouard Rollet, co-CEO of Alter Eco, a fair-trade company in San Francisco, California, that works with cocoa growers in Latin America.
Inventec global managing director Patrice Rollet called the deal "a critical step in expanding our presence across North America.
Menezo YJ, Hazout A, Panteix G, Robert F, Rollet J, Cohen-Bacrie P, et al.
Emma's regard for her unborn child is described as having been "impaired from the start" (74): such maternal reluctance is perhaps more concretely realized in Emma's refusal to provide physical nurturance to her infant, choosing instead to consign Berthe to the poor wet nurse, Mere Rollet, who takes care of her charges in a wretched hovel at the edge of town.
Due to embedded 'indiscriminate hiring' policies, a "possible shake-out of less qualified people would benefit the nascent sector," Gilles Rollet, the Head of Swiss bank Mirabaud's Middle East unit, said.
Chaired by AR Editor Catherine Slessor, it included Daniel Bonilla from Colombia, Nigel Coates from the UK, Florence Lipsky of French practice Lipsky + Rollet, Gurjit Singh Matharoo from India (who was also winner of AR House), and Jennifer Dixon of London-based firm Austin-Smith: Lord, one of two sponsors of the Awards.
Jill Rollet & Sarah Lebo, 2007 Salary Survey Results: A Decade of Growth, Advance for Nurse Practitioners, Jan.
Friends and co-founders Edouard Rollet and Mathieu Senard are the current COO and CEO of Alter Eco USA, which currently operates out of San Francisco, California.
Thanks ore also extended to Dr Hal Conklin, Dr William Longacre and Dr Francisco Datar for advising; to committee members for facilitating my work (Dr Michael Graves, Dr Bion Griffin, Dr Miriam Stark, Dr James Bayman, Dr John Peterson, Dr Matt McGranaghan, Dr Jeff Fox) and to reviewers for their insightful comments (Dr Christian Peterson, Dr Barry Rollet, Cyril Calugay, Shawn Fehrenbach).
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It is at times such as these that the experience and conservatism that comes from one of the most well established private Swiss banks stands the investor in good stead," said Gilles Rollet, chief executive officer, Mirabaud (Midddle East).
L'impassibilite de la mere Rollet est d'autant plus frappante qu'elle est mise en parallele avec l'effondrement d'Emma : <<elle sanglotait.