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Christian F.W., German neurologist and psychiatrist, 1844-1978. See: Roller nucleus.


(rōl′ĕr) [O.Fr., roll]
1. A strip of muslin or other cloth rolled up in cylinder form for surgical use.
2. A roller bandage.

bandage roller

A device for rolling bandages.


a breed of canaries bred solely for their distinctive voice. It is soft with long, intricate rolls or tours. Color is variable. A number of different song passages are recognized; in exhibitions are judged on their songs.


harness of a wide leather band that encircles the horse at the girth place, behind the elbows. Good models have stuffed pads that fit on either side of the dorsal spine and keep pressure off it. Can be used for decoration, for anchoring check-reins when breaking into harness and for keeping a rug, quarter sheet and other horse garments in place.
References in classic literature ?
Might I take a turn with the roller, and make myself useful about the place until nightfall, for ninepence?
He took off his coat, seized the roller, and began to pull it with an energy foreign to the measured millhorse manner of the accustomed laborer.
He laughed, and she watched him take a couple of turns with the roller.
I bargained for ninepence, and what with the roller, and opening the soda water, and shoving them heavy tables about, there was a decomposition of tissue in me to the tune of two shillings.
Squeezing a drop of ink onto the glass, he spread it back and forth with the rubber roller until the entire surface of the glass was covered to his satisfaction with a very thin and uniform layer of ink.
Menges Roller makes large industrial rollers for the nonwovens industry.
A host of Teesside comedians, a local band and live tattooing, will take to the stage at Mink tonight to celebrate the birthday of the Middlesbrough Milk Rollers (MMR).
Glasgow's Roller Girls have a team called the Irn Bruisers, there are the Dundee Destroyers and the Granite City Roller Girls of Aberdeen, and the Fair City Rollers have started training in Blairgowrie, near Perth.
McElroy Manufacturing's Low Profile Rollers are a modular pipe roller designed to keep 4-to 20-inch diameter high-density polyethylene pipe clean and off the ground.
MDO equipment can have an almost unlimited number of variables: the number and temperature of preheat rollers (two to a dozen or more); the type of roll heating (water, oil, or electric); the size of the gap between S-wrapped draw rollers (up to 2 in.
Especially when it comes to the travel lock rollers and blast door hinges.
A tool used to maximize warm-up and stretching time, rollers help loosen your upper and lower back, hamstrings and whatever else is tight.