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(1) A website that engages in questionable or unethical practices—which may be shut down by authorities in one state, only to re-open shortly thereafter in another state
(2) A popular term for an internet-based pharmacy that is essentially a 'front' from which narcotics, antidepressants, stimulants, steroids, and even counterfeit drugs are marketed
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Instant now also provides rogue access point detection, a requirement for PCI compliance.
Monitoring also verifies that authentication and encryption are being used according to policy by detecting rogue access points, Adhoc station configurations, unintentional associations with neighboring networks, or malicious attempts to disable or circumvent the VPN firewall.
When the guidelines for PCI-DSS compliance expanded to include quarterly scanning for rogue access points, Jason's turned to Accuvant, a leading security reseller and Cybera partner, to develop a solution that met their requirements.
11a/b/g coverage throughout the corporate facility, multilevel security to address user authentication, rogue access point detection, encryption and policy management.
A rogue access point provides easy access to the entire network infrastructure--and not just for a serious hacker, but for anyone with a wireless network adapter and an antenna within several miles of the rogue access point.
MAPCO addresses PCI compliance requirements with the Cybera ONE solution, which includes wireless IDS (intrusion detection service) for rogue access point detection.
The combination of robust rogue access point detection with a simple solution to the WEP key problem improves an already strong value proposition for Wavelink's products," says Michael Disabato, wireless technology and network security expert for the Burton Group.
The multi-location Wendy's franchisee addresses PCI compliance requirements with Cybera's managed security solution, which includes wireless IDS (intrusion detection service) for rogue access point detection.
The wireless security appliance should also provide rogue access point detection, which can help monitor the airwaves for rogue access points.
Cybera enabled Goodwill Industries of Denver to meet PCI compliance requirements through an integrated solution which includes managed firewall, rogue access point detection service, intrusion detection service, security information and event monitoring, broadband connectivity and 24/7/365 proactive management.
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