Rogue Site

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(1) A website that engages in questionable or unethical practices—which may be shut down by authorities in one state, only to re-open shortly thereafter in another state
(2) A popular term for an internet-based pharmacy that is essentially a 'front' from which narcotics, antidepressants, stimulants, steroids, and even counterfeit drugs are marketed
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The infamous "ILOVEYOU" virus is now reported to have affected close to 10 million computers worldwide in an attempted identity theft scheme in which emails around the world were hacked and passwords were stolen and copied and then sent to a rogue Web site in the Philippines.
In the case of the IE bug, a rogue web site can only damage your computer if the web site operator can guess where you've installed the program he wishes to use to damage your system.
Furthermore, we are adept at removing rogue web sites, collecting infringing domains, removing offending sales from online sites such as eBay, Amazon and Etsy, and 'policing' fairs and exhibitions to spot if others are selling copies of your goods.
Recent stories in the press say people can be conned by rogue web sites - how can this happen?
NABP has recently identified 109 additional rogue Web sites that are operating out of compliance with pharmacy laws and practice standards, bringing the total number of rogue Internet drug outlets identified to 10,288.
The challenge of crafting a targeted cross-channel marketing program means weeding out inconsistency from unapproved marketing efforts such as rogue Web sites, ads and multiple Facebook or Twitter accounts, all of which segment your brand and weaken the strength of your audience.