Anderson, Roger

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Roger, U.S. orthopedic surgeon, 1891-1971.
Anderson splint - a skeletal traction splint.
Anderson tibial lengthening
Anderson traction bow
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Regional Chairman Roger Anderson said, We use apps for so many daily activities, like banking, checking the weather and reading the news.
Roger Anderson, Technical Evangelist, speaks of Scavitron's global implications “At last the world has a process that can turn the environmental disaster of noxious mine drainage into acid-free, metal-free water.
Two optometrists sit on the management board of the new Facility, Professor Roger Anderson (University of Ulster) and Dr Ruth Hogg (Queen's University), pictured right with Facility director Professor Danny McAuley and Mr Poots.
TAQA has said that it has named Roger Anderson - a veteran of waste-to-energy developer Wheelabrator - as the technical manager for the waste-to-energy plant.
Taqa has appointed Roger Anderson as technical manager for Taqa's waste-to-energy plant.
Senior safety manager Roger Anderson highlighted, "Our approach is part of our ethos, 'safety first, second nature', which is a strategy we are rolling out across our global operations.
Survivors include a brother, Roger Anderson, of Sun City West, Ariz.
Fair play to the local Beeb team - narrator Nikki Gregg, reporter Gavin Andrews and producer Roger Anderson.
Balkrishnan and study co-author Roger Anderson, a professor at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine, are paid consultants of the pharmaceutical company.
Planning consultant, Roger Anderson, appearing for West Wales Properties said the colour was tasteful.
Roger Anderson, a member of the CES Board of Fellows for Science, says, "In respect to ash and sulfur, the fuel need not contain any less of these components than is presently acceptable in currently operating gas turbine systems.
It's unusual to see four young kids in a BMW," said construction worker Mr Roger Anderson.