Rockwell hardness test

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Rock·well hard·ness test

(rokwel hahrdnĕs test)
Common dental assessment to determine hardness of ductile materials using a hard ened steel ball or diamond point; hardness is related to depth of penetration and measured directly by the instrument.
See also: Brinell hardness test
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The hardness profile along the bar is then determined by hardness testing to either the Vickers or, more usually, the Rockwell scale.
After the Friction Forging treatment, the spine of the knife blade will measure in the mid-40s on the Rockwell C scale, while the cutting edge will measure in the area of 65 to 68 C on the Rockwell scale.
Recognizing a user's quick need for test blocks, the Ready Block program provides same day delivery for the most common Rockwell scale hardness test blocks.