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William H.G., early 20th-century U.S. plastic surgeon. See: Logan bow.
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Caraf[sz]n sipsi ger Rhydlewis yw ail le Angharad, a'r Rocking Stone ger Tredegar yw'r trydydd.
The rocking stone wasn't very deep into the wood: he knew that.
The book The Romans Came This Way, of which Granville Clay is a co-author, was being written when the final part of the route to Slack, and one of the best examples of the Roman road, was found in 2007 at Rocking Stone Hill.
Elena's face had been abstracted, almost elated, as if she was still on the rocking stone, sending out its primeval boom.
It has to be Ponty Park via The Old Bridge and then up the Common to see the rocking stone.