Rocky Mountains

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Rocky Mountains,

mountain range in the United States and Canada.
Rocky Mountain spotted fever - an acute infectious disease of high mortality, characterized by frontal and occipital headache, intense lumbar pain, malaise, a moderately high continuous fever, and a rash on wrists, palms, ankles, and soles from the second to the fifth day, later spreading to all parts of the body. Synonym(s): Rickettsia
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Coors Field is a hit of a conundrum," says Robert McGowan, a Rockies season-ticket holder and a professor at the University of Denver's Daniels College of Business.
Marshall was the big stick for the Rockies, going 3 for 3, while Salmon added two hits.
Everyone likes a winner, but the Rockies have never really done much of that.
With the goatshed brewhouse now a distant memory, the current Rockies crew said they are delighted to celebrate their 25th anniversary.
Under the newly opened canopy in the Northern Rockies, "deer mice are going to explode," Shearer says, replacing voles that like dark forests.
Many people regard the Rockies not as a haven for wildlife but as valuable real estate for development, mining, and logging.
DENVER -- Colorado Rockies baseball fans can park in the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel's parking garage for just $3 on Colorado Rockies home game days, plus receive a free Coors beer when they show a same-day Coors Field baseball ticket after the game.
Robert Edelbrock, interim dean of the School of Social, Human, and Educational Development at University of the Rockies.
Despite having the framework of an agreement in place, Street and the Rockies exchanged figures last Tuesday.
Once that groove was established, Seo pitched the Dodgers to a 6-1 victory over the Rockies and Byung-Hyun Kim on Monday night in the first matchup of two Korean starting pitchers in major-league history.
University of the Rockies is pleased to be able to provide additional opportunity and support to individuals in the Denver metro and surrounding areas who want to achieve their educational aspirations," said Dr.
But after plunking Matt Holliday on the left wrist to load the bases with one out in the third, Seo got an inning-ending, doubleplay grounder from Brad Hawpe, and the Rockies never seriously threatened again.