Rocky Mountains

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Rocky Mountains,

mountain range in the United States and Canada.
Rocky Mountain spotted fever - an acute infectious disease of high mortality, characterized by frontal and occipital headache, intense lumbar pain, malaise, a moderately high continuous fever, and a rash on wrists, palms, ankles, and soles from the second to the fifth day, later spreading to all parts of the body. Synonym(s): Rickettsia
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The proposed merging of Ashford University and University of the Rockies will create a comprehensive educational offering that will include undergraduate programmes at Ashford, master's programmes at both universities and the doctoral programmes of the University of the Rockies.
The new lease comes with an arrangement for handing over control of a high-potential slab of LoDo real estate to the Rockies for 99 years.
Founded in 1987, Rockies Basketball is partnered with one of the most respected sports organizations in the United States, Triple Crown Sports.
Subject to a successful open season and receipt of necessary permits and approvals, Rockies South Pipeline is expected to become operational in mid-2016.
In addition, every Saturday throughout the season, 850 KOA and Rockies Radio Network will be on location at Southern Hospitality with Mike Rice delivering his Rockies Dugout Show live from the restaurant.
The Rockies, who were coming out of the loser's bracket in the double-elimination playoffs, beat the winner's bracket representative Dodgers, 5-1, last Friday evening at the Ash Street Field to force Saturday morning's deciding game.
Frontier added that its sponsorship of the Rockies includes the provision of most of the team's corporate and group travel, as well as filling the club's other travel needs.
This follows the successful release of Ashford Mobile and Rockies Mobile for the iPhone.
McGregor, Colorado Rockies Team President, was found dead this morning in his hotel room in Salt Lake City, Utah.
The Rockies -- who are in the NL Championship Series for the first time in franchise history -- are baseball's darlings.
I, too, have travelled to the Rockies but as a single traveller and would like to point out to your readers that it is possible to see the region without having to be put off by" based on two sharing".
A GILL SAYS: Banff in the Canadian Rockies has a course.