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A downward slope movement of a potentially lethal mixture of water, rocks, and mud, triggered by earthquakes, volcanoes, or weather events
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A rock slide on Interstate 70 near Glenwood Springs, Colo.
Like many area residents, Imai has found it easier to commute around the rock slide by sticking to mountain roads, something she learned the hard way.
Shortly after the Manshiet Nasser rock slide, the ghostly figure of Al Qaeda number two Ayman Al Zawahiri appeared in the internet firmament to sympathise with the victims--and to direct his ire at the Egyptian government for their callousness and corruption.
aid to 500 families affected by the rock slide as part of the UAE?
The search for survivors was hampered when a second rock slide hit the crumpled building.
Police said 15 people were injured and another five were still missing after the apartment block caved in amid reports of a rock slide
The A5 road between Bethesda and Capel Curig has been closed after a rock slide (left) while engineers made sure there was no danger of a repeat (above) Pictures: GERALLT RADCLIFFE
And a rock slide at another big mine that has slowed production.
Among the flavors are "'Worms 'n Dirt," which features gummi worms "that slither in and out of a chocolate custard treat that includes Oreo crumbles"; "Monkey-in-the-Middle," a vanilla custard topped with a half banana and a ladle of strawberries "to fulfill the hunger in your 'monkey' of a kid"; "Kids Crunch," a vanilla custard covered in M&Ms, colored sprinkles, and crushed Oreos; and "Cookie Dough Rock Slide," featuring cookie dough, hot fudge, and peanut butter sauce in a vanilla custard base.
Black bears were almost unheard of in the Conejo Valley until 2004, when two of them were found in the Agoura Hills-Thousand Oaks area and another was killed by a rock slide near Malibu Creek State Park.
It operated successfully for 21 years as the lowest grade Cu-Mo mine in the world--terminating with a rock slide in 1990.
It is not always possible to distinguish a rock fall from a rock slide.