Rock Art

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Cave and stone markings made by early hominids, which are believed to indicate social development; the oldest known RA is attributed to Australian aborigine ancestors, ±40,000 years ago, and consists of carved circular depressions
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In September 2007 four relevant organisations received appeals from Dampier Traditional Custodians to take disciplinary action against a member alleged to have played a leading role in the destruction of rock art sites at Dampier.
In summary, we have strong ethnographic evidence of both the Cheyenne and Sioux using the dragonfly motif as shield heraldry, and a single rock art example that also shows the motif.
Earlier I did not have knowledge about rock art, but after visiting the rock art museum I got to learn a lot of new things an felt very nice.
The study investigated the current condition of the rock art panels and also geochemical and physical factors in the surrounding area such as soil moisture, salinity, pH levels and height.
The First Annual Rock Art Love Ball will honor philanthropist Carlos Slim for his commitment to homeless and humanitarian heroes around the globe, Grammy Award Winning Songstress Chaka Khan for her 40 years in music and entertainment, Oscar Nominated Director Lee Daniels of Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire
The festival, which will focus the recent developments in rock art research, aims to create general awareness about rock art," said B L Malla, Project Director, International Rock Art' Festival.
It's the oldest unequivocally dated rock art in Australia," (http://hosted.
Smalldon believes the rock art has suffered since mining took off in the Pilbara, which holds some of the richest mineral deposits on earth, in the 1960s.
Walking in the footsteps of explorers and pioneers is every bit as inspiring as finding the Lost Faces rock art panel.
His computer painted posters as well as his classic rock art signature style is displayed in gorgeous full-page color reproductions paired with biographical and historical perspectives.