Rock Art

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Cave and stone markings made by early hominids, which are believed to indicate social development; the oldest known RA is attributed to Australian aborigine ancestors, ±40,000 years ago, and consists of carved circular depressions
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There is a raging debate over the scientific studies that have been used to say that industry and the rock art can safely coexist.
The paper presented the results of National Geographic funded fieldwork by an Anglo-Puerto Rican team, who uncovered extensive and undocumented rock art deep inside the islands labyrinthine cave systems.
That the creation of rock art may echo the symbolic or religious realms of past human societies and that Atlantic Art is intimately related with a particular way of seeing, understanding and acting upon the landscape seems to be uncontested these days (e.
The overall purpose of the book is to introduce the reader to twelve sites where Native American rock art is found.
Illustrated talks will be held on May 28 at the Stein Valley Nlaka'pamux School and will feature 16 specialists on rock art studies.
The rock joins an extensive collection of other pieces of rock art from Northumberland, some of which is on display in the Ice Age to Iron Age Gallery of the Great North Museum: Hancock.
This lead to numerous finds--sometimes fortuitous--of rock art sites, usually by civil or military government employees in charge of the administration of the most isolated corners of the country.
Ling presents results from new fieldwork of Bronze Age (1700-500 BC) rock art and the surrounding landscapes and compares them with local studies of shore displacement using GPS measurements.
We present results from four field seasons in Fiji focused on rock art research.
Abstract: This report presents a critique of established cultural heritage practices in Western Australia, focusing on the control of the process by corporate proponents and its effects on rock art and stone arrangements.
Rock art is a global phenomenon, once serving as the all-encompassing media of the ancient world.