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Cigar smoking is linked to cancers of the oral cavity (lip, tongue, mouth, throat), oesophagus, larynx, lung, and possibly pancreas
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A perfect time for Cuervo y Sobrinos to unveil its latest creations of Haute Horlogerie like the Robusto Tourbillon model--calibre CSY 2854, developed in collaboration with a Swiss manufacturer in the Jura--as well as its two limited editions, Prominente Chrono and Robusto Chrono, especially produced to mark the brand's anniversary.
Pé simples e robusto na região posterior, com unhas separadas por fissura longitudinal.
La estructura del manuscrito es la siguiente: en la seccion 2 se describen las caracteristicas de los potenciales robustos y el metodo de optimizacion utilizado; la seccion 3 esta dedicada al analisis y discusion de los experimentos y finalmente en la seccion 4 se formulan las conclusiones.
Robusto (in Anthes, 2002) states that the military will use inferencing engines, agent-based computing, and neural networks to turn raw data into battlefield interpretations and suggested combat actions, or "kill chains.
Miller says: "Our extra virgin olive oil, Gentile and Delicato sold very well but Robusto was too strong for the British palate, and didn't.
SalesLogix es un robusto conjunto de aplicaciones que necesita ser implementado par nuestros socios de negocia", asegura Lebrao.
Robusto has accepted the position of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CNA Financial Corporation and will assume that position on or about December 1, 2016 in compliance with his compensation agreements with Chubb.
The first episode will feature the Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro Robusto.
Dino Robusto, president of commercial lines, says premiums grew 3 percent in homeowners' insurance business and the combined ratio was a profitable 76.
Si bien se espera cierta erosion este ano, Steve Ronson, Vicepresidente Ejecutivo de A+E Enterprises con base en Nueva York, tree de togas mantras que se sostendra como un mercado robusto.
But as Antoine Rizk, manager of Le Gray's Cigar Bar, argues, you don't have to know the circumference of a Robusto (50/64th of an inch) to enjoy a cigar in Beirut.
ROBUSTO, who is assuming broader responsibilities as president of personal lines and claims.