d-glucose 6-phosphate

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d-·glu·cose 6-phos·phate

(glū'kōs fos'fāt),
A key intermediate in processes such as glycolysis, glycogenolysis, and pentose phosphate shunt; elevated levels inhibit brain hexokinase and glycolysis.


Robert, English chemist, 1884-1941.
Robison ester - a key intermediate in glycolysis, glycogenolysis, pentose phosphate shunt, etc. Synonym(s): D-glucose 6-phosphate; Robison-Embden ester
Robison ester dehydrogenase - a deficiency of this enzyme can lead to severe hemolytic anemia and favism. Synonym(s): glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase
Robison-Embden ester - Synonym(s): Robison-ester
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