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Heinrich, L.F., German gynecologist, 1814-1878. See: Robert pelvis.
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STAR ATTRACTION Game Of Thrones actor James Cosmo is transformed into Robert the Bruce at new centre
Mr Fry claimed Robert the Bruce only abandoned his long-standing support for King Edward I when he realised the English ruler would not give up his claim to the Scottish throne.
ROBERT the Bruce was a genius with an IQ of at least 128, it was claimed yesterday.
The 11th-Century castle was burnt down by King John, confiscated by Henry III and sacked by Robert the Bruce.
Telly presenter Kirsty Young is to unveil a plaque at the site of a well visited by Robert the Bruce before Bannockburn.
ADOLF Hitler and Robert the Bruce are the two people Scots would most like their kids to learn about in the classroom.
A BABY has become the first to be christened at a historic well since Robert the Bruce got the holy sacrament there before the Battle of Bannockburn.
Picture the scene: Sunday, June 23, 1314 ,and Robert the Bruce is set to decapitate Henry de Bohun with his mighty battle–axe.
AUSSIE Geoff Ogilvy, a descendant of Robert the Bruce and a distant relative of the Queen, entered golfing royalty with his US Open win.
Robert the Bruce and William Wallace must be turning in their graves at the very thought of it.
TOURIST bosses are planning a second massive Homecoming celebration honouring Robert the Bruce.
1314: The Battle of Bannockburn took place near Stirling Castle, when Robert the Bruce inflicted a crushing defeat on Edward II of England.