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William, British histologist and physiologist, 1851-1932. See: Stirling modification of Gram stain.
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This family involvement with engineering continued in Robert Stirling and his brother James, a civil engineer.
But rectifying her farcical advice is little consolation to a stream of punters who had bet Altay, like Robert Stirling from Condorrat, near Cumbernauld.
Designed by Robert Stirling in 1816 his engine has the potential to be much more efficient than petrol or diesel engines.
CRIME SCENE: This is the house in which Robert Stirling shot his wife, Vera, before killing himself
In 1816, Scottish engineer and theologian Robert Stirling won a patent for an engine design that called for a volume of gas at a low temperature to be heated externally, and then forced into a greater volume and allowed to expand quickly.
This is actually an idea that goes back to 1816, when Robert Stirling, a Scottish clergyman,
It is based on a Stirling engine, which was invented by Robert Stirling, a Scottish clergyman, in 1816 and gives very little vibration or noise.
Robert Stirling and Neil Douglas, who both have ginger hair and beards, ended up sitting beside each other on the flight last Thursday after Robert moved to allow a couple to sit together.
Pathologist Dr Robert Stirling subsequently carried out a post mortem examination which showed no obvious cause of death, and no signs of alcohol or drugs in Miss Turnbull's system.
Detective Constable Robert Stirling, of City of London police, told the jury at the race-fixing trial involving six-time champion jockey Kieren Fallon how he followed a silver Mercedes driven by Rodgers from South Yorkshire to Cambridgeshire on May 26, 2004 before being involved in a cat-and-mouse chase with the vehicle through the dark lanes of the Suffolk countryside in the early hours of the following morning.
Robert Stirling, 75, apparently did not trust his 74-year-old wife Vera, and carried out the killings at the couple's home in Greenfield Road, Presteigne, in the early hours of June 17.