Ridgway, Robert

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Robert, U.S. ornithologist, 1850-1929.
Ridgway color system - method of organizing colors based on the natural color of bird feathers.
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Keywords: Floodplain vegetation, forest communities, Lower Wabash Valley, presettlement forests, Robert Ridgway, tree species of Indiana
Here during the 1870s and 1880s, naturalist Robert Ridgway (1872, 1882) measured and photographed a number of individual trees that exceeded 150 ft (45 m) in height, and regularly reached diameters 6 feet (1.
Ushers included Drake Adams, Thomas Haskins, Justin Jernigan, Lance Lucovich, Robert Ridgway, and Greg Sugg.
Groomsmen were Tyler Blocker, Cody Chew, Jeffrey Farris, Wes Gordon, Jon Michael Long, Jon Paul Rhea, Robert Ridgway, Josh Stokes, and Bennett Witcher.